Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Opps! Something Happened on the Road of Life
There was quite a gap between my first post and the most recent one. Why the silent span? In December 2006 I was diagnosed with cancer. We got it early but it was aggressive.

The first month following diagnosis was very "interesting," to say the least. In the midst of the emotional upheaval and fear God spoke to me in the most marvelous ways. I kept a journal during the first month and I capsulized it in a short piece titled "30 Ugly Days and Conversations With God." If you want to read it, CLICK HERE. It is in a pdf format so it may take a few longer seconds to load.

Now, six months later and two treatments of radiation, I'm back on track and feeling good with less than a 10% chance of recurrance. Thanks to praying friends, I've had an experience I can live to talk (and write) about.


greg said...

Great to get your email about Is the Robert Kuest your alias? Have you read "In the Name of Jesus" by Henri Nouwen? A favorite leadership book of mine.

Ron Kuest said...

Greg: Bob Kuest is a dear friend, but we cannot find our common heritage. Yes, Nouwen's book is excellent.